Latest technical features, modifications and enhancements concerning the e-payment solution Saferpay from Worldline/SIX Payment Services.

Release 2021-03

Release Date: 2021-03-23
Available on Sandbox: 2021-03-09


Version 1.21

Fraud Intelligence Enterprise

Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) and Low Value Payment (LVP) exemptions can now be automated. Risk appetite, velocity checks and other criteria can be defined as conditions. The exemptions are then automatically requested if applicable for the current transaction and all other specified conditions are met.

Transactions checked by Fraud Intelligence now also show the calculated risk score and Fraud Intelligence Insights in the Backoffice transaction detail views.

Additional Risk Management details

A new BlockReason field is added to JSON API responses if the transaction was blocked by the Saferpay Risk Management. The BlockReason tells whether the transaction was blocked due to IP address, IP location, issuer country or card blacklist entries.

Exemption details shown in Backoffice

The transaction details in the Transaction Journal and Declined Journal now show if a Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) or Low Value Payment (LVP) exemption was requested.

Payment initiator for direct authorizations

A new Initiator field in Transaction/AuthorizeDirect requests can be used to indicate whether the transaction was initiated by the merchant (default) or by the payer.

Issuer reference for SAQ-A EP certified merchants

The response of every successful authorization now contains an IssuerReference with a TransactionStamp and in case of a Mastercard transaction, a SettlementDate. The TransactionStamp and SettlementDate can be used to reference the authorization even if it was made by a business partner or via another PSP.

To reference an existing authorization, the IssuerReference can be passed on in Transaction/AuthorizeDirect requests.

New Feature: Create Saferpay Fields Access Tokens via API

Saferpay Fields Access Tokens can now be created by calling SaferpayFields ApiKeys in the Saferpay Management API.

Consolidated Event List with Declined Reservations

The former Declined Reservations view has been renamed into Failed Transactions, and shows now also transactions blocked by the Saferpay Risk Management which have been shown before in the Event List view.
The Event List view now only shows old events and will be removed with a coming release.

New payment method features

  • Added Klarna Payments support for Italy
  • Added support for American Express account verifications (online checks) with optional SCA during Secure Card Data alias registration

Release 2021-01

Release Date: 2021-01-19
Available on Sandbox: 2021-01-05


No changes.

3-D Secure 2.2

Saferpay upgraded to the latest 3-D Secure version 2.2 for Visa Secure, Mastercard ID Check and American Express Safekey.

Soft Decline Handling

With the beginning of 2021, important PSD2 deadlines became active, forcing issuers to respond with a so called Soft Decline to certain not fully authenticated authorizations.

It is highly recommended for every merchant in PSD2 scope to implement proper handling of Soft Declines.

In case of a Soft Decline, the merchant needs to contact the payer so he can initiate another authorization with SCA. In case of Recurring Payments, a new initial transaction has to be made or a new Alias with SCA and a forced challenge flow need to be created.
For details on how to handle Soft Declines, please refer to the Saferpay Integration Guide.

MIT and Alias Handling

All Aliases registered after the January release will have a SCA Transaction Stamp which is sent in subsequent transactions using this Alias. This means that newly registered Aliases might have a better approval rate compared to the old ones which don't have a SCA Transaction Stamp.

Klarna Payments: Support for multi-part capture and refunds

Multi-part captures and refunds are now available for Klarna Payments through the API and the Saferpay Backoffice. This allows you to partially capture an order to send and bill it in separate parts.

Extended Omni-Channel capabilities

Saferpay is now connected to Worldine's omni-channel platform. This allows merchants to track transactions from Saferpay and other solutions combined in one portal.

Release 2020-11

Release Date: 2020-11-10
Available on Sandbox: 2020-10-27


Version 1.20

Fraud Intelligence Enterprise

Saferpay extends Fraud Intelligence module with additional features:

  • Fraud check is now available for all supported card brands
  • Added support for the Bancontact QR flow
  • Fraud check support for MIT payments
  • Suspected fraud can be flagged in the Saferpay Backoffice

Saferpay Fields Improvements

The Saferpay Fields functionality was extended and improved:

  • The CVC field is now set mandatory except for cards where no CVC exists
  • Added preselection support for BonusCard and myOne

Always use authorized brand in later Secure Card Data payments

An SCD alias of a co-branded card is now stored together with the brand chosen by the cardholder for the authorization. This is to ensure that in later alias payments the same brand is being used again.

The terminal used for the alias payment must have the brand activated which was used in the authorization.

New Feature: Partial Approval (amount-reduced authorization)

The AllowPartialAuthorization flag can be set in Direct Authorizations, to allow that the issuer can authorize a lower amount than requested, in case that the cardholder has no sufficient funds or reached the card limit.

Release 2020-09

Release Date: 2020-09-15
Available on Sandbox: 2020-09-01


Version 1.19

Fraud Intelligence Enterprise

Saferpay extends Fraud Intelligence module with additional features:

  • Fraud checks can be activated/deactivated for individual payment methods in Saferpay Backoffice
  • JSON API extended with additional data points for fraud check
  • Fraud check is supported for Bancontact payments

Klarna Payments

Saferpay now supports Klarna Payments within the Payment Page for pilot merchants. Test envionment is available for all merchants. Public launch will be announced seperately.

  • Pay Now
  • Pay Later
  • Financing

Saferpay Secure PayGate Improvement

The configuration of the payment button is now taken into the customers Secure PayGate email. E.g. if you configured the button in the Payment Page to "Donate" we will show the same text in the customers email.

Release 2020-07

Release Date: 2020-07-14
Available on Sandbox: 2020-06-30


Version 1.18

Support of Payer ID

You can now provide a payer ID to link transactions and stored aliases to your client by providing a unique ID. The Payer ID will help you filter, search and analyze transactions and aliases linked to your native system like CRM.

Saferpay is extending this functionality step by step, so far we've implemented:

  • Transaction/AuthorizeDirect API call
  • PaymentPage/Initialize API call (Transaction)
  • Transaction/Initialize API call (Transaction)
  • Journal search

Saferpay Fields Improvements

  • Server-side BIN range detection

Saferpay Backoffice Improvements

  • The expiry date drop-down fields were replaced with text input fields as used with Saferpay Fields
  • A warning is shown if the refund amount exceeds the cumulated captured amount.

Saferpay Secure PayGate Card Registration

You can now store a card in the Saferpay Secure Card Data by sending a payment link created in the Saferpay Backoffice or via API.

Switch check for Expired Cards to Issuer

Saferpay now accepts cards with all expiry dates and processes them according to the response of the issuer.

  • An expired card will no longer be refused in JSON API calls
  • Entering an expired card will show a warning in the Saferpay Backoffice but will not be refused

Release 2020-05

Release Date: 2020-05-12
Available on Sandbox: 2020-04-28


Version 1.17

Saferpay Fields Improvements

  • Added support for card registration with or without performing a transaction
  • Added support for new card brands
    • American Express
    • Bancontact
    • Diners
    • JCB
    • Maestro
    • V PAY

Mastercard Issuer Installments

Allowing customers to choose an installment plan from it's Mastercard issuer

Available in the mandated countries: Romania, Hungary, UK, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland with SIX Payment Services Acquiring

Saferpay Backoffice Improvements

  • Added a new column "Wallets" in the Journal and Journal Export to identify if credit card transactions were initialized through a wallet
  • Added referenced refunds to the transaction tree for a visual overview

New Feature: Alias based transactions through the Saferpay Backoffice

This new feature allows you to simply open an alias in the Saferpay Backoffice and trigger a reservation or refund.

New Feature: Optional CVC enforcement for alias transactions

Using the new option in Transaction Initialize, will enforce a new entry of the CVC from the customer when performing an alias transaction.

Payment Page and Hosted Entry Form usability Improvements

All payment forms now use the same consistent look & feel as the Saferpay Fields form components. With this harmonization, the expiry date dropdowns have been replaced with input fields.

Release 2020-03

Release Date: 2020-03-17
Available on Sandbox: 2020-03-03


Version 1.16

Strong Customer Authentication: Exemptions

  • Added flags in JSON API for merchants to request SCA exemptions
  • Added support of "soft decline": decline from issuer with a request for Strong Customer Authentication

The use of SCA Exemptions is currently supported for Mastercard and Visa transactions that are processed by Worldline/SIX Payment Services and requires an updated acquiring agreement.

The functionality requesting SCA exemptions from merchant side does not have yet a sounding support in the payment eco-system. We expect full support of it's functionality by all necessary players by Q4 2020.

PSD2 Compliancy: Card Registration and Alias Management

  • Added authentication flow in card registration Alias/Insert
  • Added authentication result information in Alias/AssertInsert
  • Added authentication result from alias storing in the Saferpay Backoffice
  • Added flags to force Strong Customer Authentication with the following values
    • force
    • avoid
    • no preference
  • Added automatic enforcement of Strong Customer Authentication in case the initial recurring or installment transaction is in scope of PSD2

The authentication for card registration is only possible with acquiring from Worldline/SIX Payment Services [Mastercard and Visa] and 3-D Secure 2 capable issuers.

Transaction Points Overview in the Saferpay Backoffice

A new page is added in the Saferpay Backoffice with an overview of the transaction points usage

Saferpay Fields Improvements

  • Added support for customers using 3rd-party cookies

PostFinance Card & E-Finance Simulator

A new simulator with the following use cases for PaymentPage Initialize/Assert and Secure Card Data

  • Successful authentication
  • Failed authentication
  • Canceled by customer

Available on our Sandbox

Release 2020-01

Release Date: 2020-01-21
Available on Sandbox: 2020-01-07


Version 1.15

Apple Pay in the Saferpay Payment Page

New payment means Apple Pay goes live for dedicated pilot merchants. An announcement will be made as soon as it is available for all merchants.

  • Automatic self-onboarding in the Saferpay Backoffice (free of charge)
  • No additional contract with Saferpay or Apple needed

Saferpay Payment Page Improvements

  • Added new configurable buttons
    • Authorize
    • Reserve
    • Book
  • Numeric keyboard for mobile devices

Saferpay Backoffice Improvements

  • Added a search function for declined transactions
  • Added a search function for terminals in filter lists

Saferpay Fields Improvements

  • Added an optional CVC logic for specific card brands
  • Harmonization of the CSS classes regarding HEF, HRF and Payment Page

iDEAL Checkout

Enables merchants to preselect the iDEAL bank of the payer for an immediate redirect to the corresponding payment page.

Release 2019-11

Release Date: 2019-11-19
Available on Sandbox: 2019-11-05


Version 1.14

New Feature: Saferpay Fields

Provides you completely customizable input fields to integrate card payments into your step-by-step, one-page checkout or wherever you might need a PCI certified card input

Supported Fields
  • Cardholder
  • PAN
  • CVC
  • Expiration date

New Feature: Saferpay Secure PayGate API

A new API call provides payment links for a seamless Saferpay Secure PayGate integration into custom or 3rd party solutions

Saferpay Secure PayGate API

New Feature: TWINT User on File

The TWINT User on File functionality enables merchants to create TWINT user aliases which can be used for subsequent merchant initiated transactions (MIT) and recurring payments

Saferpay Backoffice Improvements

  • Added a new pop-up to generate basic authentication API credentials in order to improve user experience
  • Added a detailed transaction points overview, to let you easily check your consumption, this feature will be tested by a closed user group before it will become publicly available

Saferpay Secure PayGate Improvements

  • Added the following new fields to configure a Secure PayGate template
    • Template name
    • BCC
    • Reply to
    • Language
    • Payment confirmation for merchants (multiple emails ready)
    • Salutation and signature
  • Added the following new field to configure a Secure PayGate offer
    • Payment confirmation for merchants (multiple emails ready)
  • Added a dropdown which allows to link a customized payment page configuration to a Saferpay Secure PayGate template and offer
  • Added the option to customize the payment confirmation email that is sent to the payer
  • Added feature that styles offer emails according to the selected Saferpay Payment Page configuration

Release 2019-09

Release Date: 2019-09-17
Available on Sandbox: 2019-09-10


Version 1.13

Added a third gender option

German law introduced a third gender "diverse"

  • Added value diverse for the gender field in payment initialization and authorization requests and responses
Payment Page, Secure PayGate & emails
  • Added third "diverse" gender in the address forms and offers
  • Adjusted the salutations in emails

New Feature Manual SEPA Refunds

Saferpay now offers a manual refund solution for iDEAL, SOFORT and SEPA Direct Debit (InterCard ELV) payments

  • Alternative payment means refund via the Saferpay Backoffice and JSON API is now available
  • A table view to manage and download a refund file was created in the Saferpay Backoffice
  • Export file is in PAIN format containing SEPA Credit Transfer transactions to upload into the merchant online banking for processing
  • An email notification will be triggered, if there are not-exported SEPA refunds older than seven days

Ability to differ between invalid and unsupported IBAN

JSON API & Backoffice
  • Adjusted error response
Payment Page
  • Added error message for customers using the Payment Page

Added Support for international SEPA Direct Debit

  • Added a setting to enable whether non-DE IBAN are accepted or not

Secure PayGate Improvements

  • Added authorization type Final authorization with auto-capture
  • Removed global settings "Register automatically"
  • Added new global settings to define the standard authorization type for templates and offers

Accept Kosovo as an additional country

  • Added XK as country code
Payment Page
  • Kosovo can be selected in address forms on the Payment Page

Improved Amount Formatting

Payment Page, Backoffice and emails
  • Amounts are formatted in the correct country specific way

Improvement to Bancontact Direct Mode (released in July 2019)

  • Added DefaultRedirectUrl and CompletionRedirectUrl which will be forwarded to Bancontact App to guarantee a correct redirect to initial App after Bancontact Authentication