Transaction Inquire

The inquire interface allows you to acquire transaction data using the Saferpay TransactionId, or OrderId.

However, the inquiry interface has some restrictions, that have to be considered when using this feature:

Rules and limitations

  1. Use the standard means first: the inquire interface is not meant to replace other API functions, like for example Payment Page Assert, or Transaction Authorize. When implementing the Payment Page, or Transaction Interface flows, you should always use the standard means first, and the inquire interface only if those cannot be executed anymore, e.g. due to the token being expired.
  2. No polling: In general, but in this case specifically, do not use polling to continuously ask for transaction data.
  3. Only successful transactions: As of now, the inquire interface only works with successful transactions.
  4. SpecVersion 1.11: You must use SpecVersion 1.11 and up.
  5. Update delay: The result of a Transaction/Inquire request does not display the current status in real time because the requested data is updated with a few minutes delay.

Saferpay reserves the right to restrict or deny access to the inquire interface, due to excessive use of the interface, or violation of these rules.


Example of a Transaction Inquire request:

 "RequestHeader": {
   "SpecVersion": "1.11",
   "CustomerId": "[YOUR CUSTOMERID]",
   "RequestId": "f7ca9af6c203c055ec50b6dcc2a40831",
   "RetryIndicator": 0,
   "ClientInfo": {
     "ShopInfo": "My Shop",
     "OsInfo": "Windows Server 2016"
 "TransactionReference": {
   "TransactionId": "fn7O7nAIQWKMSAbIdnC3A26SMUpA"

Example of a Transaction Inquire response:

 "ResponseHeader": {
   "SpecVersion": "1.11",
   "RequestId": "f7ca9af6c203c055ec50b6dcc2a40831"
 "Transaction": {
   "Type": "PAYMENT",
   "Status": "CAPTURED",
   "Id": "fn7O7nAIQWKMSAbIdnC3A26SMUpA",
   "CaptureId": "fn7O7nAIQWKMSAbIdnC3A26SMUpA",
   "Date": "2019-05-17T12:44:14.097+02:00",
   "Amount": {
     "Value": "245",
     "CurrencyCode": "EUR"
   "OrderId": "0",
   "AcquirerName": "VISA Saferpay Test",
   "AcquirerReference": "84050331349",
   "SixTransactionReference": "0:0:3:fn7O7nAIQWKMSAbIdnC3A26SMUpA",
   "ApprovalCode": "586216"
 "PaymentMeans": {
   "Brand": {
     "PaymentMethod": "VISA",
     "Name": "VISA"
   "DisplayText": "xxxx xxxx xxxx 0004",
   "Card": {
     "MaskedNumber": "xxxxxxxxxxxx0004",
     "ExpYear": 2019,
     "ExpMonth": 5,
     "HolderName": "Yamada Taro",
     "CountryCode": "JP"
 "Payer": {
   "IpAddress": "",
   "IpLocation": "DE"
 "Liability": {
   "LiabilityShift": true,
   "LiableEntity": "ThreeDs",
   "ThreeDs": {
     "Authenticated": true,
     "LiabilityShift": true,
     "Xid": "HVQOUwEUJnYaBAM7BCQDNAofGgg="
 "Dcc": {
   "PayerAmount": {
     "Value": "352",
     "CurrencyCode": "JPY"

Example of a Transaction Inquire response for a failed transaction:

As mentioned before, the Inquire Interface only works with successful transactions. Therefore you'll get the following response, if a transaction was either not completed by the payer, or was not successful.

 "ResponseHeader": {
   "SpecVersion": "1.11",
   "RequestId": "fbe3bb5ba9984ce74dcd54089b0cc95a"
 "Behavior": "ABORT",
 "ErrorMessage": "Transaction not found"
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