Swiss Postcard

Via the Saferpay JSON API, payments can be handled by Swiss Postcard and the card details are stored in the Saferpay Secure Card data store. This chapter describes what needs to be observed in this regard.


Acceptance of Swiss Postcard requires:

  • A corresponding licence and thus the existence of a valid identification with a username and password for the Saferpay system.
  • A valid contract with PostFinance.

Attention: Postfinance transactions are only valid for 30 days and must be captured in this time frame. After 30 days, the reservation will void and the authorized amount can no longer be transferred! However you have a guaranteed payout, within these 30 days!

Storage in the Secure Card Data Store

If you intend on saving Postcard-data for later use, Saferpay provides the possibility of storing PostFinance’s Postcard inside the Saferpay Secure Card store. For this, the following requirements must be met:

  • Activation of Saferpay Secure Card Data in the Saferpay merchant account
  • The feature must also be activated on Postfinance side!

Note: The registration of a Swiss Postcard is only possible with the Alias Insert method. For that, you have to set the parameter "TYPE" to the value "POSTFINANCE".

Registration Dialogue

Unlike with credit cards, PostFinance requires the card holder to agree to registration on its site, so a redirect will be done!

  1. Confirmation dialogue on PostFinance:
    alt text
  2. After clicking on Next, card holders are asked to enter their card ID:
    alt text
  3. Card holders must then confirm registration by entering a TAN. This is created using a card reader:
    alt text
  4. After registration, the result is displayed to the customer, who is then returned to the shop:
    alt text
    The result of the registration can then be called up using the Alias AssertInsert feature.

The gathered alias can then be used for further authorizations, using AuthorizeDirect.

Info: Note, that Postfinance does not know the, for credit cards known and used, Mail Phone Order-Contracts. Simply use your normal eCommerce Terminal with Postfinance/Card activated!

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