API Health Check

The API Health check is used to determine, whether, or not the Saferpay-Environments are generally available. This function is available for test and production respectively and involves a simple GET call to the following URL:

  • Live: https://www.saferpay.com/api/health/[YOUR CUSTOMERID]
  • Test: https://test.saferpay.com/api/health/[YOUR CUSTOMERID]

IMPORTANT NOTE: When using the Health-Check, you agree to the following rules:

  • Do not poll the API status, without any limiter (see below!).
  • Restrict yourself to 1 request every 5 minutes!
  • Do not check the API status befor every transaction!

Saferpay reserves the right to limit access to this part of the API, in case of violation!

This may be expanded on, in the future, but for now the API responds in two ways:


In case of a success, the API resonds the following way: 200 (OK)

  "Status": "PASS"


The failure-case depends on what is happening, but in case of an unavailability of the Saferpay Service, the response-code would simply be != 200(OK)!

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