API Health Check

The API "Health check" is used to determine, whether the Saferpay environments are generally available. This function is available for test and production respectively and involves a simple GET call to the following URL:

  • Live: https://www.saferpay.com/api/health/[YOUR CUSTOMERID]
  • Test: https://test.saferpay.com/api/health/[YOUR CUSTOMERID]

When using the Health check API, you agree to the following rules:

  • Do not poll the API status without any limitation (see below).
  • Restrict yourself to 1 request every 5 minutes.
  • Do not check the API status before every transaction.

In case of violation, Saferpay reserves the right to limit access to this API.

The API responds in two ways:


The success case returns 200 (OK).

  "Status": "PASS"


The failure case depends on what is happening, but in case of an unavailability of the Saferpay Service, the response-code would simply be anything else than 200(OK).

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