ePrzelewy payments can be processed with Saferpay without much effort. This chapter describes what needs to be considered in this regard.


The handling of ePrzelewy payments with Saferpay requires:

  • The corresponding Saferpay eCommerce licence and thus the existence of a valid identification with a username and password for the Saferpay system.
  • Availability of at least one active Saferpay terminal via which payment can be carried out, and availability of the associated Saferpay TerminalId.
  • A valid ePrzelewy contract.
  • The Payer.DeliveryAddress.Email-parameter is mandatory and needs to be set, with the initial request, or captured through the respective form.
  • ePrzelewy is only available via the PaymentPage flow.
  • NotifyUrl: The NotifyUrl is mandatory, in order to avoid missing payment successes. See the Payment Page process for further information.

For ePrzelewy activation on the Saferpay terminal, please inform our activation service cs.ecom@six-payment-services.com about your pRzelewy merchant account ID and the desired currency.


  • As of now, ePrzelewy transactions do not allow for a Capture with a changing amount! Please make sure, to always capture the exact amount, that has been initially authorized!
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