ePrzelewy payments can be processed with Saferpay without much effort. This chapter describes what needs to be considered in this regard.


The handling of ePrzelewy payments with Saferpay requires:

  • The corresponding Saferpay eCommerce licence and thus the existence of a valid identification with a username and password for the Saferpay system.
  • Availability of at least one active Saferpay terminal via which payment can be carried out and availability of the associated Saferpay TerminalId.
  • A valid ePrzelewy contract.
  • The Payer.DeliveryAddress.Email-parameter is mandatory and needs to be set, with the initial request, or captured through the respective form.
  • ePrzelewy is only available via the PaymentPage flow!
  • NotifyUrl: The NotifyUrl is mandatory, in order to avoid missing payment successes. See the Payment Page process for further information!

Attention: For ePrzelewy activation on the Saferpay terminal, please inform our activation service cs.ecom@six-payment-services.com about your pRzelewy merchant account ID and the desired currency.

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